Business Banking

Do you have a great business opportunity but nobody willing to finance it during this economic downturn? Have you tried all of the usual routes to obtain funds without satisfaction?

Corporate Banking

What motivates us is the passion for excellence in banking by maintaining highest standards of service to our customers, backed by innovative products and services that make us the option for your business, catering to a wide range of corporates.

Investment Banking

Assets and Funds Management. We are not brokers nor do we approach the usual high street banking institutions – we have successful experience in raising assets and funds through investment channels and now fund new businesses on a rapidly increasing daily basis.


Welcome to NYSB

NYSB is a young and dynamic Corporate Private Bank,
specializing in the study, development and financing of projects of all kinds,
both business and social.
NYSB allows you access to our elite banking advice service to the best people to
manage your investments and access financial programs and other financial instruments.
See our currency exchange services, and our special Assets and Funds Management.